I would guess that no one group or activity has any more right to use our waterways in pursuit of a hobby or past time than any other.

In Wales, the right of access is under consultation at the moment, and curiously, for the fifth time in eight years.

Kayakers and canoeists have access today through what are called ‘voluntary access agreements’ (VAAs) and these seem to work. But they want more. In fact they want unfettered access to all waterways, via a change in legislation.

Given this is on the table yet again, one could conclude that Welsh anglers’ interests are being ignored, although I would wager there are many more anglers, than there are ‘paddlers’. The anglers argue that they pay for right of access, and will to continue to do so (through club membership, syndicated subscription, passport charging, and of course, Rod Licensing). And the paddlers want more, and for even more, they will still pay nothing.

This seems unreasonable to me.

The Countryside Alliance puts its case and enables those who have a view to add theirs, on this website.


As an angling enthusiast, or just someone who demands fair play all round, you may wish to respond, but must before September 13th.

I have.